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5 Ways Bumpers Etc. Goes Above and Beyond

At Bumpers Etc., our mission is to deliver a quality product that meets a customer-driven commitment. We always strive to improve our systems, equipment, and products to provide the best for you and your vehicle. Complete customer satisfaction is paramount to our brand.

Recently we’ve taken the step to further invest in our ability to deliver optimal performance with several upgrades in our shop. Keep reading to learn more!

1. New Ultra 9K™ Waterborne Basecoat System

We are proud to now use Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Best Basecoat system ever made! Recently Sherwin-Williams introduced a brand-new Ultra 9K™ Waterborne basecoat system, combining precise color match with an intuitive color access software and spectrophotometer. Thousands of colors reflecting the latest OEM color styling trends, including pearl and metallics, are achievable with outstanding results.

2. RUPES Dual Action Polishing System

We are always looking to improve and refine our finishing results with our exterior paint correction and detailing processes, and that is where the RUPES Polishing System comes into place.

The BigFoot LHR21 Mark III polisher proves once again that RUPES BigFoot is the gold standard by which all professional polishing tools should be judged. If you are looking to enhance or properly maintain your current painted surfaces, schedule with us now and you will quickly see why Bumpers Etc. is your number one choice for paint & detailing enhancements!

3. Car-O-Liner PNP90 XT2 10 Ton Self-Piercing Rivet Gun

We are solely invested in driver safety and the overall quality of our customer’s repair needs.  That’s why Car-O-Liner PNP90 XT2 10 Ton Self-Piercing Rivet Gun became one of our latest investments in our shop.

Here is a recent statement from Ford on their Ford F-150 repair requirements:

“There are many unique SPR rivets required to properly complete repairs to aluminum Ford vehicles,” the automaker states. “Each rivet is specific to its location and required to meet structural repair requirements. The Ford repair procedures provide the required rivet location and part number that must be used during a repair. SPR rivets are not universal, and placement cannot deviate from the Ford repair procedures.”

The Car-O-Liner PNP90 XT2 10 Ton Self-Piercing Rivet Gun is a true upgrade to our shop in order to make structurally sound and safe repairs to vehicles that require true precision when being serviced.

4. Car-O-Liner CTR9 Resistance Spot Welder 

This revolutionized, fully automatic spot welder will duplicate your vehicle’s needed spot welds allowing us to repair your vehicle back to its original factory settings.  An expensive yet true investment tool, it is a very powerful machine that uses a 16,000-amp transformer and CANBUS communication which ensures a perfect weld every time.

5. KECO Glue Pull Repair Collision System

The most comprehensive glue pull repair system available to body shop technicians, KECO glue-pull repair (GPR) methods (cold repairs) revolutionize body panel repairs by eliminating drilling and welding while lessening the need for filler, priming, and surface remediation. The results give a beautiful finish to your vehicle!

Shop Upgrades that Meet Your Vehicle’s Needs

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a vehicle repair shop for your car or truck. We treat each and every customer with the highest level of respect and dedication because we understand that each vehicle we service has different and unique needs.

If you have questions about our processes or services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We would love to answer your questions and help you identify which process your vehicle may need. And if you’re faced with needing repairs on your vehicle due to damage from an accident – we’ve got you covered! We can help repair and restore your vehicle like it was never damaged. We work with insurance companies in order to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Reach out today – we look forward to working on your vehicle!