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7 Scary Things That Could Happen While Driving

Driving is a big responsibility, and you have a commitment to ensure you keep your passengers and other people safe while you’re operating a vehicle. No matter how long you’ve been driving, you can still have hair-raising experiences.

While it can be terrifying, you can prepare yourself and make it easier to handle a frightening situation. Let’s review seven scary things that could happen while driving and what to do when they happen.

1. Getting a Flat Tire

Flat tires may be one of the most common problems a driver could face while driving. You may suddenly have a tire burst.

What to do: When this happens, slow down and pull over to the side of the road as soon as possible. You’ll need to replace your tire with your spare tire or call for roadside assistance.

2. Beware: Warning Lights Turn On

Your dashboard contains multiple warning lights that indicate if there are problems with your car. If you see one turn on, you should get the issue treated as soon as possible.

What to do: Depending on the warning light, you may need to see an auto mechanic to find out the problem. Other issues you can take care of by yourself, like filling up your vehicle’s gas tank when the low gas light comes on.

3. Haunted by a Tailgater

Driving too close to another vehicle is a hazard since it gives the tailgater less time to brake and prevent a fender bender. If you have a car tailgating you, it could increase your risk of getting into an accident.

What to do: The safest thing to do is to pull over and let the tailgater pass you.

4. Spooked by Someone’s Bad Driving

Even the most cautious and responsible drivers can get into accidents due to another driver’s errors or recklessness.

What to do: There’s not much you can do about other drivers’ actions, but you can maintain awareness and focus while driving to notice potential problems sooner.

5. Brakes Fail to Work

Brake failure is a stressful situation as it prevents you from slowing down and stopping your vehicle.

What to do: Try to use the emergency brake. If you’re driving a manual transmission, use downshifting to slow down the vehicle. Automatic transmissions should switch to neutral. Next, try to get out of traffic.

6. Getting Distracted

There are many distractions while driving on the road; loud kids, eating food while driving, and texting are just a few. Distractions can increase your risk of an accident since you might not notice hazards until it’s too late.

What to do: Avoid distractions while driving. This includes using your phone and attempting to multi-task activities.

7. Driving Unsafely for the Weather

Poor weather means you should consider altering your driving habits to the current road conditions.

What to do: You may want to slow down, leave more space between you and the car ahead of you, and turn on your headlights or fog lights.

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