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Ceramic Coatings and Basic Bumper Care

Although paint on motor vehicles is designed to withstand the elements, it is not immune from chips and peeling. Over time, the paint on your vehicle may lose its shine, leaving it looking dull and dated. Thankfully, there are ways to protect the exterior of your vehicle and keep it looking brand new for years to come.

The application of a ceramic coating and basic bumper care are two services that can be used to restore and protect the condition of your vehicle’s body. Learn about these services to determine if they are ones that will benefit you.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating protects automotive paint with protection up to 10 years, depending on the product used. Ceramic materials preserve the color and integrity of a paint product. They also prevent moisture, dirt, and other substances from damaging a vehicle’s body. The process of applying ceramic coating involves several steps.


Before a ceramic coating is applied, our technicians inspect the vehicle that is being serviced. The inspection will determine the severity of the exterior paint quality. The inspection process will determine if one or more layers of paint will need to be corrected or repaired before the application process.


The next step requires a vehicle’s exterior to be cleaned, polished and prepped. Our technicians work in a controlled environment. The environment will prevent debris from coming into contact with a car while it is being serviced.

Quality automotive materials and processes are used to decontaminate and remove other materials from the vehicle’s surface. Once a vehicle is clean, it will undergo a machine polishing and paint correction process followed by a wax and silicone removal application. Before paint or a ceramic coating is applied, our technician will inspect the vehicle again. This inspection will ensure that the vehicle’s exterior is ready for coating.

Ceramic Coating Application

A ceramic coating will bond to automotive paint. The ceramic coating is translucent. Our technicians use only the best materials to apply a coating to your vehicle. The ceramic coating will protect your vehicle’s paint from sun damage, add durability and chemical resistance acting as a protective cover that will increase the life of your vehicle’s paint.

If your car has to be painted, it is best to wait several days to several weeks before applying the ceramic coating. This gives your paint enough time to cure, ensuring no imperfections arise throughout the process.

Bumper Care

Our technicians provide comprehensive bumper-care services. These services restore the integrity of the bumper. They also improve the appearance of the bumper.

The bumper is an important part of a vehicle. It prevents or reduces the amount of physical damage that a vehicle incurs during a low-impact collision. Seeking bumper care will increase safety and maintain the value of a vehicle. In some cases, the bumper covers on a vehicle assist in advanced driving assistance safety systems.


Our technicians use a visual inspection to determine how much damage a bumper has incurred. We will pinpoint whether the bumper is anchored properly and use the inspection to judge whether a bumper needs to be repaired or replaced.

Plastic Welding repair

If a bumper needs to be welded, it will be cleaned and prepped with a grooved and notched area surrounding the crack. This will allow our technician to perform an even weld. The welding process will restore the strength of the bumper. Welding is conducted in a controlled environment within our facility. Once the welding process is complete, our technician will perform a secondary inspection of the bumper.


Sometimes your vehicle’s bumper cover should not be repaired for many reasons. Some of these reasons may be original integrity cannot by restored properly, cost of repairs may exceed cost to replace, vehicle manufacturer repair guidelines consist of replacement only.  Here at Bumpers Etc. Auto Body & Collision we only recommend the highest quality and safety of repairs including OEM Parts and thorough repairs.

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