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Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Steer You Away from Your Preferred Repair Shop

Imagine this, you are driving to your favorite restaurant for lunch when it starts to rain, making the once dry roads slick. Then in slow motion, the car in front of you hydroplanes and spins out of control. The next thing you know; you are slamming into the car that was originally in front of you. Luckily, you are fine, the other driver is fine, but your beloved car is now in a pitiful state residing in a ditch with its bumper dented on the ground and paint a wreck.

What next?

You call up your insurance company and let them know what has happened. They casually respond with all of the auto repair shops that are in their Direct Repair Program (DRP) in the area where you can get your car fixed at. And this sounds great!

But what if your trusted auto repair shop, a shop where you have been going to for years with technicians that are considered family, has not made that list? Can you still take your damaged vehicle to your favored automotive collision repair shop? The answer is yes. You have the legal right and ability to have your car repaired wherever you want.

Insurance companies sometimes “steer” people to their preferred shops with offers of a lifetime guarantee on workmanship to those who decide to use the DRP shops and while that sounds great, sometimes the auto repair shops on that DRP list are not trustworthy and do sub-par work.

The auto body repair shops that are in the DRP have been approved by the insurance carrier but may make unsafe repairs by using aftermarket parts or by cutting quality workmanship in order to make a profit from the insurance provider.

While insurance steering is illegal, it does happen.

You may have to fight to use the auto body repair shop of your choice and put your foot down when the insurance company tries to tell you differently. If you feel uncomfortable dealing with the insurance company directly, most shops will be able to speak to the insurance company on your behalf.

Repair centers are willing to negotiate with the insurance company for you, as long as you provide them with the authorization to do so.

Insurance providers may claim that:

  • They will not pay the claim
  • They may threaten you with having to pay out of pocket if you don’t use their recommended shops
  • They may tell you that they will not guarantee the repairs

All of which are false.

Even though we can never guarantee full coverage from your insurance company on their behalf, we will fully document and blueprint a solid repair plan with the guarantee of a safe and quality repair; most times the claim will get paid.

If you are in need of a friendly and dedicated repair center, look no further. Bumpers Etc. Auto Body & Collision strives to have the highest level of customer service and wishes customers to know that their vehicle is in good hands. Top of the line products are always used and backed with years of experience and professionalism. We take pride in all of our repairs and treat each vehicle as if it was ours with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Click here to contact us.