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Gifts for the Car Enthusiast

The holiday season is a great time to show appreciation to your loved ones and for the car enthusiast in your life, you will want to choose a gift that comes from the heart.

Here are some gift ideas they might enjoy:

Driving Gloves

Maybe you think driving gloves are an old-fashioned clothing item, but they are still relevant today. Many people wear them to protect their leather steering wheels from the oil and sweat on their hands. Driving gloves can also help maintain a better grip on the wheel.

It’s also useful for keeping hands warm during the winter months and sometimes driving gloves just look cool!

Portable Car Vacuum

A clean car is a happy car. One of the easiest ways to dirty a car is not keeping the floor clean. Dirt and other residue can often get dragged in with your shoes.

A portable car vacuum cleaner is a great gift for the car enthusiast in your life. They can easily store it in their trunk for unexpected messes. You can find portable vacuum cleaners that work with a car’s power port making it simple to use.

Personalized Garage Sign

Car enthusiasts often spend a lot of time in their garage, so why not make it a special place with a personalized garage sign? There are practically an unlimited number of options available and you can add their name, or year of establishment, to a garage sign.

They can be made in materials like wood or metal. You can even take it a step further and have the sign made in neon lights.


Dashcams can automatically record video while you are driving and it will usually start recording when the engine is turned on.

Dashcams are primarily useful in incidents when you’re involved or witness a car accident. The video evidence can help police officers figure out who was at fault in an accident. It will also help with any insurance claims you need to make.

Dashcams can also record inside your car, so you can have your own version of Carpool Karaoke.

Car Diffusers

We all like cars that smell nice. Consider gifting a car enthusiast an item that will leave a memorable scent in their car and look classy. Upgrade from air fresheners hung from your rearview mirror and get a car diffuser. It clips onto the air vents of your car and uses essential oil for the perfume.

For an extra fancy gift, you can also gift a car humidifier. This will help improve the air quality and save passengers from dry weather.

Luxury Auto Detailing

You can easily find a car body repair shop near you that offers professional auto detailing services. Bumpers Etc. offers a touch of luxury with our luxury auto detailing packages.

We offer a range of car detailing services, including:

  • Thorough Exterior Hand wash and Wax/sealant application
  • Exterior paint correction process including a 3-stage high speed compound and dual action polishing application
  • Exterior 10 year Ceramic Coating applications

If you’re interested in gifting our luxury auto detailing packages, please contact us.

We look forward to meeting the car enthusiast in your life and treating them to a clean car.