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Six Interesting Facts About Car Paint

Since their invention in 1885, cars have had one thing in common…they all received a nice slick coat of paint! But the painting process has changed greatly over the course of the last hundred and thirty-three years.

When automobiles first appeared on the public market, they were hand painted! And since this paint was not designed for use on metal, it faded and flaked away over a year span. This resulted in automobile owners needing to repaint their prized possessions every single year.

Today’s technology has enhanced the painting process to make the paint last longer and endure the elements.

We compiled the top 6 car paint facts, myths and legends to help keep your paint job in tip top shape:

  1. Do new cars need to be waxed? Just like any car, it survives with a good coat of wax. New cars get no form of protection applied to the paint from the factory or at the dealership. Not to be confused with clear coats, waxing is ongoing paint maintenance that needs renewing as wax wears off over time. Clear coat is un-pigmented paint that is applied at the factory, as part of the original painting process and needs protection and visual enhancement just like old-school single stage paint jobs.
  2. Do red cars really cost more to insure? According to Progressive, color has no impact on your car insurance price. But a sweet custom paint job should be added in the optional coverage section called “custom parts and equipment” in your policy.
  3. Can I use laundry or dishwashing liquid to wash the car? NOOOO! These types of cleaners often contain ingredients that can cause serious harm to auto finishes. These substances can strip the protective outer coatings that defend the paint underneath from harm.
  1. What paint colors are best for resale value? Paint is typically the first thing people judge your vehicle on since it is the first thing that they see. But depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the up-keep of the paint job, resale value depends on a lot of different factors. However, neutral colors are usually best for resale due to their popularity. Neutral colors include: white, black, gray and silver.
  2. Who comes up with car paint colors? From truffle mica to deep ocean pearl, it takes about seven years of color research and testing into making a car color that is showroom ready. New colors are designed to last for at least 10 years, according PPG. To ensure that a finish will retain its appearance for at least a decade, it is put to the test against natural and man-made abuse.
  1. Can I use old towels and tee-shirt rags to clean my car? Those types of cloths are not recommended for cleaning cars since they have been known to leave scratches on the paint if improperly used that require repair. The best cleaning cloth to use on your vehicle is chamois or terry microfiber.

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