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What the ‘Hail’ Just Happened to My Car?!

Hail is a type of solid precipitation that forms in thunderstorm clouds. When hailstones (layers of water that attach and freeze together) become too heavy to remain in the cloud, they eventually fall to Earth. Hail can vary in size and be detrimental to many things in its path/landing zone. Depending on its size, hail can damage aircrafts, cars, homes and can even harm livestock or people.

In order to be classified as hail, the spheroid pieces of frozen precipitation must measure at least 0.2 inches. Such smaller pieces of hail can have an impact on the structure of your car. Severe hail, according to the National Weather Service, consists of hail that is 1 inch or greater in width that falls consistently. Severe hail is known to cause significant dent damage to cars. Wind speed and the duration of a hailstorm are important factors to consider when it comes to structural damage to your car.

If your car is an unlucky recipient of severe hail damage, it is important to file a hail damage claim with your car insurance provider immediately. To do so, you will likely need to complete some sort of paperwork and submit pictures of the damage to your insurance company. Next, you should seek an auto body repair shop to do an inspection to see how much dent repair will be required. They should give you an estimate of the car dent repair costs.

Car Dent Repair – Who Should I Trust?

Bumpers Etc. Auto Body & Collision, located in Lancaster County, offers Paintless Dent Removal (PDR).  PDR is a special technique used to remove small dings and dents from your car.  If your vehicle’s surface paint is intact, nearly 90% of dents can be easily repaired by the PDR method.  Using special tools, rods and reflective sources, the dent is massaged from the inside of the damaged panel and you are left with a flawless looking car.  Depending on the level of hail damage to your vehicle, a combination of PDR and auto body repair may be needed.  Rest assured that Bumpers Etc. will seamlessly work alongside your insurance provider to ensure all damages are taken care of and you will be compensated.

With over 100 five-star Google reviews, Bumpers Etc. has proven to Lancaster, PA drivers time and time again that they are #1 when it comes to collision and auto repairs.  Our services go beyond just dent repairs.

Whether you need a windshield replacement, a bumper repair or paint correction, Bumpers Etc. is the place for you and your vehicle.  “Serving with a passion” is our tagline for a reason.  We have gained customer satisfaction through trust, quality workmanship and knowledge of the trade.  As our customer, you should have peace of mind knowing that your concerns are our biggest priority.

Contact us today at (717) 738-0334.  We look forward to working with you and your vehicle soon!

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