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6 Benefits of Spray-On Bed Liners

If you own a pickup truck, chances are you’re hauling things around from time to time.  Whether you haul around equipment for work, move your children in and out of college apartments or you simply help friends and family out when they ask to move furniture, your truck bed probably gets a lot of use – and with heavy use comes wear and tear.  Luckily for you, there’s a solution to protect your truck bed:  spray-on bed liner.

Read on to learn more about them and save yourself from all kinds of future headaches and repair costs.

Here at Bumpers Etc. Auto Body & Collision, your local auto body shop in Lancaster, PA, we apply spray-on bed liners that will add life and overall beauty to your beloved truck.  Protect your truck bed from scratches, dents, dings, scuffs, corrosion and fading with an expertly sprayed on liner.

Curious what spray-on bed liners are all about?  Here are the top six benefits:

  1. Custom Fit – If you’re looking for a sleek and protective liner for your truck bed, a spray-on liner is the way to go. While some truck owners opt for carpet or other types of drop-in bed liners, we recommend spray-on liners because they completely coat your truck bed’s surface and creates an air and watertight seal.  This is important when it comes to protection from moisture, heat, UV rays, dirt and really anything else that can damage your bed’s surface. 
  2. Safe Surface – Chances are good that you purchased a pickup truck with the intention to haul things around. That means you’ll be loading and unloading cargo while standing on the truck’s bed.  Ensure your safety and lessen your chances of slipping and falling by choosing a spray-on bed liner with texture.  Not only will it help keep you safe, but also will provide a better grip for transporting items and will lessen the chances of cargo shifting around while the vehicle is in motion.
  3. Maintenance Free – The best part about a spray-on bed liner is that once you get it applied to your truck, you shouldn’t have to worry about it again. The tight seal created by the spray-on liner eliminates any corrosion concerns.  Traditional drop-in bed liners need to be checked for signs of rust or other damage on a regular basis.  One of the best parts of a spray-on liner is the easy cleaning process: just hose it down occasionally!  Quality spray-on liners are long-lasting and should not crack, bubble or peel. 
  4. Less Noise – Since spray-on bed liners are applied directly to your truck bed and create an air and watertight seal, there is no chance of it becoming loose and making noise while you drive. Drop-in liners on the other hand can become loose and vibrate as you are driving your truck.  Such road noise can get annoying after a while.  Avoid it all together by getting a quality spray-on bed liner applied today. 
  5. Corrosion & UV Protection – No one wants a rusted, faded or worn-out looking truck. The sun and rust can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint.  You can easily get scratches by moving around large equipment on the bed of your truck.  Such scratches leave bare metal exposed to the air and water, which will quickly turn into rust.  Over time, strong UV rays can crack and fade your vehicle’s paint job.  Protect your ride from harmful UV rays and oxidation with a high-quality spray-on liner.
  6. Value Retention – To reduce the risk of regular wear and tear on your truck bed lessening your vehicle’s resale value, consider getting a spray-on bed liner. They can greatly decrease the likelihood of scratches, rust faded paint and other damage on your truck bed’s surface.  Help maintain the value of your vehicle by protecting it with a spray-on bed liner – an affordable investment.

Bed Liner Application in Lancaster, PA

If you’re in the market for a spray-on bed liner and find yourself searching for “auto body repair shops near me,” it’s time to contact Bumpers Etc.  We will customize a quality spray-on bed liner to provide your truck the highest level of protection available.  Our application experts will ensure that your entire truck bed is completely sealed against moisture, foreign debris and any other material that may breakdown the integrity of your vehicle’s paint coverage.

Here at Bumpers Etc. we do more than just bumper repairs, as our complete list of services shows.  Our loyal customers come to us for all of their auto body and repair needs because of our commitment to delivering 5-star service time after time.  From auto collision services to paintless dent removal, we do it all.

Contact us today at (717) 738-0334 to learn more about our spray-on bed liner application process and pricing.  We look forward to helping protect your truck and maintaining its value