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What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in the Summer?

With summer comes vacations, tan lines, firing up the BBQ, jumping in the pool and … car accidents??  According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, traffic collisions occur the most in the summertime.  Sadly, one in three car accidents resulting in fatality occurs during June, July or August.  You would think the winter months, filled with ice, snow and other winter hazards would be more dangerous when it comes to traveling by car – WRONG.

While the bright glare from the sun can make driving difficult, there are a number of other factors that make driving in the summer more dangerous than other times of the year:

  1. Interstate Congestion & Unfamiliar Routes – Beep beep! As the sun heats up, families start to load up their vehicles and set out for family road trips.  Most of the time, that means traveling on busy interstates and highway at high speeds.  Add in bumper-to-bumper traffic on unfamiliar roads and car accidents are bound to occur. 

  2. More Teens Out of School & On the Road – Cue Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” song. With summer comes many happy teenagers who are done with school and are ready to cruise the streets with their friends.  Such inexperienced drivers are statistically more likely to cause distracted driving accidents, so be aware.

  3. Summer Heat = Vehicle Equipment Failure – As the temps rise outside, so do the chances of your car’s engine overheating and your tires taking a beating. When tires are worn down and hot weather hits, the air inside of the tires expands and can cause a blowout, resulting in accidents.

  4. Roadway Construction Increased – In most states, construction crews try to take advantage of warmer weather months to get as much done as possible before the cold weather returns. This means motorists can expect detours, shut down lanes of traffic, temporary signals and reduced speed limits in construction zones – all which can lead to driver confusion and loss of vehicle control.

  5. Share the Road with Motorcyclists & Bicyclists – With increased sunshine comes more bike riders and motorcyclists. Bicycles and motorcycles can be hard to see, making them more vulnerable in a car crash.  Keeping a safe distance and paying special attention to signaling is especially important while sharing the road with motorcyclists and bicyclists this summer.

Warm summer temperatures make June, July and August popular times for family vacations, road construction and bicycle and motorcycle rides.  This can lead to more car accidents due to tire blow outs, engines overheating, congested roadways and distracted/confused drivers.  Follow these tips to stay safe on the road.

Tips to Avoid Car Accidents this Summer

  • Maintain your vehicle & follow proper service requirements
  • Travel at safe speeds & be cautious of sudden speed limit drops
  • Avoid distracted driving (cell phone usage, eating, etc.)
  • Utilize advanced technology safety features while driving
  • Be alert of drivers around you
  • Choose your travel times wisely based on amount of traffic
  • Use turn signals and check your mirrors while changing lanes
  • Give bicyclists and motorcyclists plenty of space
  • Map out your journey & use navigation services to avoid accidents and road delays

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